About Us

Do you have a favorite childhood memory? Some of my fondest memories are those where my curiosity about the world was met with encouragement. I grew up in a family that encouraged curiosity and critical thinking. Today I am still curious about the world around me and always eager to learn new things.

I started Cloudy Creative because I wanted the opportunity to encourage that curiosity and critical thinking in more kids than I could reach on my own in the confines of an elementary school classroom. As a teacher, I loved seeing the curiosity in my students and the excitement when they learned new things. Unfortunately, so much of what I wanted to do with them was constrained by all the limitations of the public school system. This got me thinking about what I could do to meet this need I was seeing.

What I create here is aimed to inspire curiosity about the world, promote critical thinking, and get kids of all ages engaging with the world around them. My hope is that kids can build special memories with the adults in their lives as they explore with these activities. I think adults can find these activities inspiring, too!

We all have creativity in us. Sometimes we just need a little help finding that creativity. Find the creative in you, today. 

Wondering where we got the 'Cloudy' for Cloudy Creative?

Our dear kitty, Cloudy, passed away not too long ago. He was a dear little friend, and brought so much joy to our lives. He was always curious and my memories of him keep me curious about the world.

I'm terrible at selfies...

I'm Heather, founder of Cloudy Creative. I've been married to my lovely husband, Nick, for almost 9 years. We love adventures, but are terrible at taking photos of ourselves during those adventures. Hence, the moody sunset picture of our backs.

When we're not going on little adventures near our home or spending time with friends and family you can find me with my nose stuck in a book and Nick playing video games.

We'd love to hear from you!